About us

The Kingston Action Group for Basic Income Guarantee (KAG BIG) is a group of individuals who have come together to advocate for and educate others about Basic Income Guarantee.  The group was established in 2013 by Toni Pickard and Elaine Power.

The group has lobbied municipal, provincial and federal government to adopt Basic Income Guarantee.

In May 2016, the group wrote a Basic Income Charter for Canada!

We were instrumental in working with City Councillors to fashion a motion of endorsement for BIG which was passed unanimously by Council in December 2015.  The Kingston City Council was the first elected body in Canada to endorse the basic income concept.  As of May 2016, more than 46 other Ontario municipalities have followed suit.

We hosted and had a leadership role in organizing the first Ontario workshop for Basic Income Guarantee activists, held in Kingston in November 2015.

KAG BIG members often speak to groups in Kingston and beyond, with the purpose of building awareness and stimulating discussions around BIG.

If you know of a group that would like to have someone speak on BIG, please contact us!

The main goals of our campaign are to:

  • Increase public awareness
  • Build grassroots support
  • Secure political commitments for policy and program implementation

KAG BIG has close ties to Basic Income Canada Network (BICN), the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN), and many provincial and federal advocacy groups.

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Toni Pickard                                                  Elaine Power