What would a basic income guarantee look like?

A basic income program could work like this: There’d be a box to tick on income tax forms when the income reported falls below the basic income level. That would be the only thing to do to apply. Income level and residence requirements will be the only eligibility condition. Specifically, there would be no conditions … Continue reading What would a basic income guarantee look like?


How is Basic Income different?

There are two radically different models of basic income usually referred to as universal basic income (UBI) and basic income guarantee (BIG or NIT). UBI: UNIVERSAL DISTRIBUTION: Everyone gets the $$, but it’s taxed   back from those not in need BIG:  UNIVERSAL ACCESS. Everyone is eligible for the $$ but only get it if/when … Continue reading How is Basic Income different?

Is Basic Income affordable?

Absolutely! Consider this: Ten years ago, poverty was costing Canadians an estimated $72-86 billion/yr. Today, it's certainly costing more. Included in such estimates are what it costs to administer and pay welfare benefits, plus pay for the unavoidable increases in health care, justice, education, child protection, costs related to poverty's impact on family dysfunction and violence, … Continue reading Is Basic Income affordable?

Who will benefit from BIG? Everyone!

Basic income offers different benefits to people differently situated. Here’s a quick review from Basic Income Ireland of its potential impact on the Employed, Unemployed, Self Employed, Young, those Starting a Business, Unpaid Caregivers, Creative Artists: http://www.basicincomeireland.com/basic-income--you.html In Canada, we’re mainly talking about a basic income for those living on low incomes – NOT one for … Continue reading Who will benefit from BIG? Everyone!

Join the Basic Income Action Team!

Although KAG-BIG is officially non-partisan, it has come to our attention that basic income is currently being championed by Guy Caron, who is bringing the conversation about basic income to federal politics. Guy Caron is running for the leadership of the New Democratic Party (NDP) and has made basic income a key piece of his platform. As … Continue reading Join the Basic Income Action Team!