What can I do to help?

Although the 10th International Basic Income Week is “officially” over, we were a little late to the game and started celebrating a day late – so here is the last post of the instalment! Appropriately, we are brainstorming ways for YOU to help foster discussion of a progressive BIG to secure take-up by voters and government officials. You can help by:

  • Following BIG news + discuss it whenever, with whomever you can.
  • Sharing BIG information electronically (like this post!)
  • Reading our other short posts this week for help in responding to some common questions.
  • Signing onto our supporters list for updates/newsflashes.
  • Arranging invitations for us to speak to your work colleagues, high school or university classes, social service colleagues and clients, congregations, business colleagues, sports teams, artists’ gatherings, support groups of all kinds, etc.
  • Contacting us for information about efforts/activities at Queen’s University!
    • Students: writing papers and doing class presentations/projects about BIG.
    • Teachers: integrating basic income into your courses
  • Signing the petition “I support the idea of a basic income guarantee for everyone in Canada” at basicincomecanada.org. (Basic Income Canada Network) Check out the excellent resource section while there!
  • Asking questions about BIG of candidates seeking election.
  • Writing letters to representatives, media, etc.
  • Donating to/volunteer for the national movement here: https://bicn.nationbuilder.com/

Thanks for following along – we welcome any feedback you may have! Keep the BIG movement strong!