Who will benefit from BIG? Everyone!

Basic income offers different benefits to people differently situated. Here’s a quick review from Basic Income Ireland of its potential impact on the Employed, Unemployed, Self Employed, Young, those Starting a Business, Unpaid Caregivers, Creative Artists: http://www.basicincomeireland.com/basic-income–you.html

In Canada, we’re mainly talking about a basic income for those living on low incomes – NOT one for everyone. But that doesn’t mean it will benefit only those who get the money. We’ll all benefit.

Poverty’s blight on our communities and consciences – gone. No more hunger, homelessness, desperation surrounding us. Everyone will benefit from much improved early childhood development & better educational results for low income children, decreasing health care, child protection, justice and education costs. More cash will flow through local economies. Revitalizing them. More opportunities for creative and entrepreneurial potential/carry through, more local revenues leading to improvements in services, etc.

Basic income will end untold misery for millions of us, and make all our communities healthier, more cohesive, more satisfying places to live.

So, we all win.