It is literally impossible to save money when you are poor

One more time for those in the back:  It is literally impossible to save money when you are poor.

This isn’t because of bad planning or irresponsibility. It is because everything costs money all of the time, poverty is engineered by capitalism, and being poor is fucking expensive.

I’ll never forget the time when my then-boyfriend told me that I should buy a $75 pair of work shoes instead of the $10 work shoes I’d bought only months ago that were already falling apart. His reasoning was that better-made shoes would last longer and I wouldn’t have to buy shoes so often. This didn’t take into account the fact that I would need that extra $65 for the power bill, groceries, gas, car insurance, etc.

I have never been given good advice from a non-poor person when it comes to money. Ever. Because all of their advice is predicated on the idea that somehow you aren’t working hard and that money is available to you if you just want it bad enough. Non-poor people have been made to think that they are somehow just naturally good with their money, but when you ask them to think critically when it comes to money, they lose all logic.

Let me be clear: Poor people are some of the hardest working, creative, and smartest people I have ever met. We wouldn’t survive otherwise.