A more representative government, means a better chance for BIG


The campaign for Proportional Representation (PR) in Canada’s smallest province, PEI…

Every other provincial vote in the history of Electoral Reform in Canada has seen PR fail to win enough public support to become reality, due to well-funded “no” campaigns. But we have to win this one — the result will be critical for Canada’s future.


The results of PEI’s provincial vote will be announced on November 7, just three weeks before the federal Committee on Electoral Reform (#ERRE) submits its report. The effect of the PEI vote on Canada’s chance to make every vote count could be a seal of victory or it could provide ammunition for the status quo.

The population of PEI is small — 110,000 voters, or the same as a single riding elsewhere in Canada. Even with limited resources, we can win for democracy.

We have 71 days left to turn out 40,000 voters for Proportional Representation. It’s a big task, but we have a strong plan, experienced campaigners, and an incredible 190 volunteers who have already signed up to help! We have supporters from every political party on the island. And the Guardian newspaper, which is read by about 80% of PEI, has already come out in favour of PR.

Your contribution will help in three ways:
1. Campaign Materials — to help us educate and get-out-the-vote;
2. People Power — employing dedicated campaign staff so that we can knock on every door on the island;
3. Visibility — getting high-impact, targeted ads on Facebook, in newspapers, and on TV.

Donate now to help us build a winning campaign.

Here’s the link:  www.PRonPEI.vote/donate

With thanks,

Anna Keenan
Director of Field Operations
PEI Coalition for Proportional Representation – PR Action Team

P.S. By supporting the PEI campaign directly, you will not receive a tax receipt, but you will have made an impact in this once-in-a-lifetime chance to make every vote count.